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Habitat Committees

People who are interested in obtaining sites for construction. This includes checking with city offices for availability of utility hook-ups, identifying deed holders of different properties, and working with the Building Committee to be certain that the lot is suitable for a partner family house.

People who have an interest in and may have knowledge of house construction. This can include surveyors, architects, people who know building codes, carpenters, concrete workers, plumbers, electricians, utility people, and building supply people. If you have any knowledge about building homes OR if you would like some on-the-job-training, please join us.

People willing to interview and work with families who have made an application to be a partner family with Habitat. These people will check to insure the applicant families meet the criteria established by Habitat for home ownership. Working with the Family Nurture Committee, you will find certain joy in making what seems an unobtainable dream come true for some of these families.

People who have good "social/people" skills to work with partner families before and after construction to help partner families understand what is required regarding sweat equity, to provide a record of that time requirement, and to help in the transition of true home-ownership. These "advocates" may also help the families in the areas of budgeting and home maintenance. This is a way to truly help people who have inadequate housing.