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Habitat Home Application 2017 Download


This brochure contains information on the Phelps County Habitat for Humanity home ownership program, including eligibility requirements and how to apply for a home. 

If you feel that you may meet the selection criteria outlined in the attached brochure, we invite you to apply for the Habitat homeownership program.

Please read all information in the attached Questions and Answers brochure, to see if you qualify for the Phelps County Habitat homeownership program. If you believe that you may qualify, the next step is to submit an application.
The application form is attached to this brochure.  Additional applications forms are available at the sites listed at the end of the brochure.
Applications must be received by February 6, 2017.  
After you have completed the application and turned it in, allow two to four months for Habitat to verify the information, conduct a home visit, and evaluate your credit.
Phelps County Habitat selects a family primarily based on need for safe and affordable housing, ability to repay an affordable home loan, and willingness to partner with Habitat.  A “family” includes a single person, and it is not necessary that there be children in the household.

5.   Habitat provides a “hand up,” rather than a “hand out.”   A family buys the house with an affordable, no-interest loan from Phelps County Habitat, and makes monthly mortgage payments.  The selected family invests their labor, known as “sweat equity,” to build their own home or support other Habitat activities.

6.     Habitat’s mission is to eliminate substandard housing by helping families in need to purchase decent, affordable homes. Using donated funds, materials and labor, Phelps County Habitat partners with families to build simple, decent homes.  Families buy their homes with no-profit, no-interest loans from Habitat.  House payments go into a revolving fund that is used to build more houses, in order to strengthen our community.

Thank you for your interest,

Family Selection Committee

Tel: (573) 368-5110

P.O. Box 1551 Rolla MO 65402 US